January 29, 2016


Are you planning your wedding? Are you getting married in London, Ontario? Who will be your wedding photographer/videographer?

We are here to provide a solution to your photography and videography needs. Located in London Ontario, Simon Lee owns and operates London Visual Productions. He has been passionate about Photography and Videography for many years. He has developed a unique style of photographic and cinematic approaches in telling a story with post-production. Simon and his team of photographers and videographers provide high-quality video production for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and corporate functions.

His goals are to capture the special day for the bride and groom with images that they will treasure forever, telling a story that will RELIVE their special day over and over.

He is professional and easy to work with. His attention to detail will capture your special events with details that you might otherwise forget or miss.

Simon provides packages that will meet your wants and needs, and within your budget! Whichever package you choose, Simon will make sure shots are captured based on the story, and connect with the viewers emotionally. We want to make it a truly personalized experience. Give us a call today to arrange a free consultation.

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